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Nexus® 130 Can Recycling Bin

Nexus® 130 Can Recycling BinNexus® 130 Can Recycling Bin

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For more information or to place an order, please contact our sales office on +966 54 990 0540 or e-mail:

Made in the UK   Made in the UK   Made from recycled material   Made from recycled material

Nexus 130 Recycling Bins combine toughness and economy in a large capacity unit. Nexus 130 Recycling Bin for cans has two large round apertures and clear recycling graphics to help encourage use.

Nexus 130's robust Durapol® body is weather and vandal resistant, making it equally suited for indoor or outdoor use. The bin offers a large 130 litre capacity suitable for busy areas, which requires emptying less often. The keyed lock makes the hood secure and prevents tampering.

Nexus 130 Recycling Bin is tapered, for two reasons: it allows the unit to hold a large capacity in a small footprint, and the units can be stacked together for transport or storage. The tapered body makes Nexus 130 ideal for temporary or semi-permanent use as an events recycling bin.

Design Features

  • Sack retention system.
  • Keyed lock.
  • Tapered design for stacking and storage.


Bin Body: Pastel Grey

Hood: Red or Dark Grey


Bin body & hood: Durapol®


Height: 940mm

Diameter: 588mm

Capacity: 130 litres

Weight: 7.5kg

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