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Nexus® City 240 Litter Housing

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Nexus City 240 Product Testing

Glasdon International's Nexus City 240 photosetGlasdon International's Nexus City 240 photoset

For more information or to place an order, please contact our sales office on +966 54 990 0540 or e-mail:

Made in the UK   Made in the UK   Made from recycled material   Made from recycled material

Nexus City 240 is a large capacity, attractive litter housing.

Nexus City 240 houses a wheeled bin of up to 240 litres capacity to collect large volumes of litter without causing manual handling issues for operators.

The housing features a secure waste chute and aperture flap that keeps litter contained within the unit and keeps pests and vermin out of the liner. The lid has a soft-close mechanism that ensures it will always close after opening.

The base of the housing has a ramp to make insertion and removal of the liner a simple task, and wheel location points ensure the wheeled bin always lines up with the aperture.

Design Features

  • Houses a 240 or 140 litre wheeled container.
  • Curved sloping hood prevents waste being left on top of the bin.
  • Robust aperture flap with large handle and durable stainless steel hinge.
  • Soft-close mechanism ensures aperture flap always closes quietly.
  • Aperture flap is designed to create a seal, keeping vermin out and odours in.
  • Large, clear graphics promote correct use.
  • Smooth surfaces inside and out make cleaning the housing a simple task.
  • Double-skinned construction adds stability and strength to ensure a long service life.
  • 5-point interlocking slam-shut door is robust and secure.
  • Base ramp makes it easy to roll a wheeled container in and out of the housing.
  • Location points moulded into the base of the housing make sure the wheeled container is in the right place every time.
  • Personalised graphics available - contact us for details.


Bin body, door & aperture flap: Anthracite Grey, Black (contains recycled material).


Bin body, door and aperture flap: Durapol® Material.

Aperture hinge rod: Stainless Steel.

Soft-close mechanism: Carbon steel.


Height: 1399mm.

Width: 807mm.

Depth: 900mm.

Weight: 50kg.

Liner capacity: 140ltr or 240ltr.

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