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Modus™ 770 Plastic Bottle Recycling Housing

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Modus Housing Product Testing

Glasdon International's Modus Recycling Housings photosetGlasdon International's Modus Recycling Housings photoset

For more information or to place an order, please contact our sales office on +966 54 990 0540 or e-mail:

Made in the UK   Made in the UK   Made from recycled material   Made from recycled material

Modus is a high capacity bin housing, which securely contains a wheeled bin in a tidy manner. Modus 770 Plastic Bottle Recycling Housing collects huge amounts of recyclable drinks bottles.

Covering large wheeled bins with a Modus Housing increases recycling rates and improves the appearance of the area. The Modus range of housings accepts a wide range of standard-sized 4-wheeled containers. Modus 770 is designed to accept 600, 660 or 770-litre containers, while Modus 1280 will hold either 1100 or 1280-litre containers.

A hooded peak helps to protect the aperture from the elements. The Vandalex® frame provides exceptional strength and weather resistance. The Modus Housing features a base skirting to keep pests out and conceal the door wheel, which is adjustable to ensure easy opening of the housing. A stainless steel hinge provides strength and security.

Modus Housing features Ecoboard™ panels, an extremely strong, 100% recycled material made from recycled wheelie bins and polyethylene carrier bags. The material will not chip or rust and never needs painting.

Design Features

  • Hood peak.
  • Front-opening door with door stay.
  • Base skirting.
  • Three-point locking system.
  • Adjustable legs.
  • Aperture panels & Recycle Now graphics.


Vandalex Frame: Silver

Ecoboard Panelling: Dark Grey

Aperture: Red

Hood: Anthracite Grey


Frame: Vandalex®

Hood: Durapol®

Panelling: Ecoboard™


Height: 1660mm

Width: 1614mm

Depth: 923mm

Capacity: 770 litres

Weight: 102kg

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